Ubud village trip - 1 Day


ubud village art and shopping

Tour itenerary

  • visiting tohpati vilage, traditional Batik and weaving cloth productions here you can see the process of making traditional batik and weaving it is hand weaving the material use cotton and silk , the motif most taken from nature like flowers and wood sap and other they are also use natural colour balinese will wear different type of batik for defferent accasion
  • visiting celuk village this village is silversmith community¬† one of famous village for gold and silver arts
  • visit wood carving village of Mas is the popular destination to find the quality of wood carving the local people from generation to generation doing this work until now , the hight class value of arts make this village become popular in the word if you love the hight wood carving quality of arts need to visiting this place
  • Painting other than gold and silver Bali also famous in painting artist there are about four different style of painting you can find in Bali , the original traditional painting of Kamasan a non presfective style of painting traditional modern one the western painters come to Bali and settle in ubud they taught a young balinese to a new style of painters
  • tegallalang rice terace , Bali tofografi mostly mountaninous and hilly, to avoid land slide and keep the water steady old balinese farmer used the simple tehnique by terracing the hill side ,it become rice terrace , among abudance of rice terrace there is one mostly taken for postcard located about 25 minut drive from ubud tegallalang is one of beautiful rice terrace in Bali, in this area are also famously do some activitas as swing on the jungle , coffee plantation and other speices you can find here and tray all thing
  • Mongkey forest, the name of ubud mongkey forest or wanara wana, wana is sanskrit language mean mongkey and wana in forest , this sanctuary is habited by macaca a grey fur mongkey is very civilied they are not afraid to people and somtime be naughty they might jump on your shoulder and grap your hair, but do not wory is as long as you do not touch them they will not harm you , you need only to bend down and they will jump down
  • Ubud palace and ubud Market, in the past had Bali small kingdoms and among them is Ubud royal family kingdom in ubud are still wealtly and able to maintain their old palace it has many favilions inside for the member of¬† the royal family, the palace is called puri saren ubud wich simple means a place to sleep here in front yard is used fro clasical dance perpormance