Ubud-Kintamani tour - 1 Day

ubud kintamani tour package

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Ubud is the tour most popular visited by tourists becouse of the tour is a combination of tour , arts village tour also shopping venues for directly visited the place where the artisans live, like silversmith,wood carving,painting galeries and more

  • Tohpati village / Batik and weaving arts

tohpati village is centre of hand made balinese Batik with various colour and shapes here visitor will be exhibited the Batik making and hand weaving process , finally you can buy some to bring home, the specialies of balinese batik can be see from the strong javanese motifs, some of modern batik applies the painting object such as balinese culture, ceremonies,beautiful sites or mythological figures, Batik is one of the most beautiful wearable art and the approach to the other side of balinese rich culture

  • Celuk village / silversmith

celuk village is fomously village in Bali as a tourist destination couse of the local residents is very proactive and full innovation to the Gold and silver crafting, this countryside in sub district of Ubud sukowati in gianyar regency and own individual and excelence production of Gold and silver crafting , most of them are Balinese profesional artistic and skillful of design development related to the silversmith

  • Batuan village

for next trip will visiting Batuan temple is a local balinese hindu temple looked after by the local resident of batuan countryside the temple is designed very beautiful with full of balinese ornaments and roof temple bulding made from fiber of chromatic black palm tree , its strategically locted of the main road way to Ubud , Batuan temple were founded in the year 944

  • Mas village

and the next trip visiting to Mas village is one of village in Bali foundamentaly identified as an artistic countryside by focusing in artistic of wood carving , mas village is located in Ubud sub district Gianyar regency east part of Bali , it owns the typical style of wood carving art by placing forward the distinguish synergy the humanism and naturalism the village’s popularity as and art village is fomous in the national and world leve which is not forgetting from higness name of some maestros which has born and found the spirit ans soul

  • Tegallalang rice terce

next trip will be   visiting Coffee plantation with fomous coffe is Luwak coffee or Civet coffee made from coffee cherries which have been eaten by and passed through the degestive track of the asian palm civet ( paradoxorus hermaprodhitus) after collect the bean are processed hygienically and given only are medium roast so as to not destroy the complex flavor that deplove trough the proccess, this coffee luwak takes place only on island of Bali , java and sumatra in the indonesia archipelago producing no more than 300kg/year and distributed through the word   ,

Teggalalang is lokated as 5 km north side ubud village and own very beautiful rice teracce you will see the balinese farmer do their rice field in obligue   are completed with system irrigations you will enjoy of panorama of rice teracce and coconut tree ornament it

  • Kintamani ( mount Batur view )

next trip is up to Volcano or Kintamani is the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali with the active of mount Batur and beautiful lake , kintamani is sourrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient village arroud couldron of Batur lake whith is often conceived by bali age village , the local people from these bali age village own by unique culture, house and life style, kintamani area is consisted of some village those are Kedisan village Buahan village Abang village Trunyan and Songan village south batur, midle batur east batur and north batur also sukawana village and kintamani village

you enjoy with beautiful panorama in some of local restouran with local foods

  • Ubud mongkey forest

next trip will be Ubud mongkey forest is small rain forest with a lot of mongkey and other tropical animal , it is strategically located in the heart of ubud village

  • Ubud palace and Ubud market

ubud palace and ubud market , in the pas hand bali small kingdom and among them is ubud royal palace family kingdom in ubud area still wealtly and able to maintain their old palace it has many favilions inside for the member of the royal family, the palace is called puri saren ubud wich simple name a place to sleep,  here in front yard is used for clasical dance performance also

ubud market you can bay some souvenir from balinese people hand made