Bali safari and marine park - 1 Day


Bali safari and marine park is most popular

on your holiday in Bali special of thoose who bali traveling with family and kids , before visiting bali you should plan and fine out on thing to do….


is the best choose fo you kids will super enjoy holaday

Bali safari and  marine park is one of the best place , that you should visit during holiday with kids and family, for those  who never visiting this Bali safari and marine park must be wondering , what do if I get visit Bali safari Zoo and marine park?
if you would like to enjoy the best Bali safari and marine park adventure in Asia,able to see beautiful and amazing animal , about 60 types of species , also able to see endangered animal and rare species , than you should visit this safari park.
endangered species taht you will see on bali safari marine park , like komodo dragon, bali mynah and orang utan, if you concern about the quality of Bali safari and marine park, we can tell you ,this zoos aquariums park is one of member of Taman safari indonesia,
also a member of The word associatoins of Zoo and aquariums, which is well-know as WAZA
is not only that , this bali safari marine park also one of member conservation breeding specialit group which is called CBSG, by joining word organization and association for sure Bali sfari and marine park are international standard in matter of quality and sevices
Bali Safari And Marine Park
bali safari and marine park located at gianyar regency , one of the regency in Bali that well-know in their tourism industry if you heard about Ubud or you have visiting before, that this park located on the same regency which is gianyar , ofcourse you need to know where this park located below is the address of this park
Bali safari and marine park
address jln. bypass prof.ida bagus mantra ,Km 19,8 ,Gianyar Bali
  • Jungle Hopper  ( price adult IDR 800.000 – price children IDR 640.000)

1x safari journey | fresh water aquarium | Animal show | Elephant show | Waterpark | Silver seat Bali Agung show |Harimau show |1x fun zone |Afternoon tea at uma restaurant

  • Dragoon  ( price IDR 1.100.000 – price children IDR 880.000)

1x safari journey | fresh aquarium | Animal show | Elephant show | Waterpark | Silver seat Bali Agung show |Harimau show | lunch at uma restaurant

  • Leophard ( price adult IDR 1.600.000 – children IDR 1.200.000 )

welcome drink | unlimited safari journey |Photo picture |Elephant ride (10 minute) |Fresh water aquarium |lunch at Uma restaurant | Animal show | elephant show |Harimau show |Gold seat Bali agung show |Waterpark | unlimited Fun Zone |Souvenir

  • Rhino  ( price adult IDR 2.100.000 – children IDR 1.680.000 )

Unlimited safari journey (express line) |Welcome drink | photo picture |Elephant back safari (30 minute) |Lunch at Tsavo lion restaurant | Fresh water aquarium |Animal show | Harimau Show | Elephant show |platinum seat Bali agung show |Waterpark |Unlimited fun zone |souvenir |transfer |Best view seat for all show

  • Night Safari    ( price IDR 1.100.000 – children IDR 880.000 )

Night safari | Walking safari |Africa Rhythm of fire show |Nocturnal wildlife encounter |BBQ dinner

  • Elephant Back safari  ( price adult IDR 1.250.000 – children IDR 1.000.000 )

Unlimited safari journey |Welcome drink |Fresh water aquarium |1x photo picture |Elephant back safari (30 minute) |Fresh water Aquarium | Animal show | harimau Show | Elephant show |souvenir

  • Breakfast with Lion + Elephant back safari  ( price adult IDR 1.500.000 – children IDR 1.200.000 )

Breakfast at tsavo Lion restaurant (8:30 – 10.00) | Animal encounter | 1x safari jpurney |Elephant back safari (30 minute) | Animal show | Harimau show | Elephant show

  • Adventure   ( price adutl IDR 570.000 – children IDR 456.000)

half day package start from 2pm

1x safari journey | Fresh water aquarium | Animal show | Elephant show |1x fun zone