bedugul tanahlot package

Bali tour service offer for contryside tour

Explore Bali’s natural wonders and culture delight on a full-day tour private service , journey into the highlands where you can marvel at the pura taman ayun temple, stop at the fomous luwak coffee and admire the orchids at the bali botanical garden, after snapping photos of lake beratan and ulundanu temple, journey to the coast to watch the sunset over the magnificent Tanah lot temple, Finally tuck into a traditional Balinese dinner at an oceanside restorant

bali tour service bedugul ulun danu trip at bedugul / ulun danu the heart of central bali , the mountains and the lake are serving the mytical role as a visible link betwen the Balinese people and the realm of the Gods , the preservation effort arround bali is seen to be the strongest here  so you will only see the best vision of tropical highland when you embark on this tour , the subsequent two spots are nolles stunning as you will withness the sunset in all of its glory  to the indian ocean before calling it a day

  • Taman Ayun temple

taman ayun temple is higlight of tour is enjoy the beauty of taman ayun temple from with a traditional architect Bali, you visit to taman ayun temple-the former royal temple of taman ayun built in scenic place surrounding by lovely moat . the temple was built by kingdom I gusti ngurah putu ,in the 17th century , outside of this temple is open grassy expanse and meeting half for held the meeting , dance performance,and sometime cookfighting, midle yard built high wood bell (kulkul) , outside yard midle yard separate by open gate and from midle yard to inner courtyard separte by close gate, inner courtyard has a lot of multitiered shrines (meru) , from fisrt till the highest one, the visitor allowing to see the inner courtyard from outside only

  • Danu Bratan / Ulud danu temple

Ulun danu temple and Bratan lake is situated in the plateau area with cool athmosphere surround it , it is and ideal place for relaxation while enjoy the beautiful panorama of lake and mountain , in the midle of lake bratan is also Ulun danu temple  beautiful floating temple in bali ulun is mean head Danu it mean lake , this ulun danu temple dedicated to thee Gods of lake or water (Danu Goddes) the lake suplay a lot of water to the rice field , the temple founded in 17th century by the king of mengwi, surrounded by cool water and owns the magnificent view which makes impression for every visitor, in outside yard there is budhist temple and big bayan tree,

Enjoy on buffet lunch at local restorant ( serve indonesian foods)

after visiting ulun danu than will next trip to tanah lot but if are you still have time you can visit other place like a coffee plantation or alas kedaton mongkey forest

  • Tanah lot temple

Tanah lot temple nested on bulging up rock which continously under abrasion of indian ocean waves , this temple was built arround 16th century by one of famous hindus friest coming from java island in this effort to refrest the hindu belief, this temple has the best sight  when it is sunset ( depends the temporal weather) , in western side there is small temple built one of the temple in the top rock with the hole its is Batu bolong temple , at this temple you can experience blessing by temple spring holy water and see holy tame snake in black and white colour when according  to the local society belief that it as a deity property and as the guard of the temple from the bad influence

tour minimun 2 person

all included : car with english speaking driver as your tour guide, all ticket entrance , lunch indonesian foods on buffet