Ubud is a hub for visual arts, and the best place for tourism visiting in bali to learn about and appreciate Balinesse arts and crafts, form museums filled with colourful Ubud-style painting to markets selling traditional handicrfafts here are the must-see sights for art lovers in Ubud

Agung Rai museum of art (ARMA)

founded by resfected balinnese art dealer and ambassador of balinese culture Agung rai. this museum is one of the top art atraction on the island . the collection features works by indigenous artists, as well as international artists who lived and worked in Bali , such as walter spies and willem gerald hopker. painting are hung in Balinese style bulding and the site also features a traditional balinese garden

Puri lukisan museum

Another stople of Ubud’s arts scene this museum, which first opened in the 1950s showcase Balinese talent , Various bali schools and style are representated spanning everything from 16th-century pieces to modern art

Neka Art museum

Opened in 1982 this museum holds work not just by balinese artists but also by those for whom Bali is an important subject matter or source of inspiration. as well as artworks, the neka art museum also features a collection of keris ( curved indonesia danggers)

Ubud Traditional art market

Know by locals as pasar seni ubud. this daily market situated opposite the puri saren palace – is filled with stallholders selling a wide range of handcrafted local goods. Typical offering included everything from wood carvings and silver jewelry to painting and handwoven baskets

Tegallalang rice terace

tegallalang rice terrace is so popular in Bali, visitor come to see one of traditional rice field which was built on a river bank. with the meandering rice paddies and the trerrafic scenes. people fall in love with this place.

the rice terrace is composed extremely excelent with wonderfull emptying rice field and unequivoccaly situated on the sloping bank, in this place,you will see balinese agriculturist do their rice field in sideway range finish with its framework water system , you will appreciated the wonderful scene of the valey with rice and coconut trees decoration it

Ubud palace / puri saren ubud

The ubud royal palace ( also know as puri saren agung ) an important to visiting Ubud royal palace building in the 1800s when the top balinese artists were flocking to ubud to show off their skills.

Don’t expect something huge and grand like Buckingham palace, this is more of mini palace and you could walk throught the whole thing in 15 minutes.

still there a lot of great art and culture to soak up here, so take it slowly and pay attention to the details,

the walls and doorways have intricate frog-like demon faces carved into the stone and there’s a door at the back of the courtyard with some of the best design-gold winged flower and stone mongkey carving

Mongkey forest

Ubud Daily tour itinerary


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  • Discover the art of processing Batik painting and wood carving and silversmith
  • see ubud highlights , including tegallalang rice terrace and elephant cave
  • meet long-tailed macaques at the secret mongkey forest sanctuary