bali tour destination in Ubud , one of famoust place Ubud mongkey forest is a cool litle rain forest and in habited by several groups of mongkeys and other tropical animals, with strategic location in heart of the Ubud village , precisely located in the village of padang tegal, ubud sub distric and gianyar regency, the mongkey forest if in balinese languge call wanara wana ,scattered on the island and Ubud mongkeys forest itself has a very important fuction for the continuity the mongkey habitat in bali , while local community have a viral role to keep this forest naturaly in order to all wild ainimal able to live smootly.

Mongkeys forest condition

ubud mongkey forest is in habited by 200 mongkeys pertained long tiled macaques or macaca fascicularis inclusive group that has a wide spread. Among the amount mongkeys living in this forest , there are about 23 adult male 79 adult female and 98 still baby. All mongkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, living in certain area and use the certain place and certain time . However it also happens that there are two groups in the same place and time , they will fight each other , these monkeys are belive as Gods Guard of dalem agung temple. Hindu temple in the midle of the forest, there are three holly temple in the jungle mongkeys ,probably built in the mid 14th century, in the regn of early dynasties Gelgel. where pura dalem agung temple is located northwest of the forest, is the most important temple . in additional, two other temples, the temple bath ,on the west side of the forest and prajapati temple location at south east side where the Lord Shiva