Bali is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the lesser sunda islands,

located east Java and west Lombok , the province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighbouring island , Notably : Nusa penida island, Nusa lembongan island , Nusa ceningan island and serangan island the provincial capital Denpasar city,

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Bali is the only hindu-majority province in Indonesia with 80,5% the population adhering to balinesse hinduism

Bali is Indonesia’s main tourist destinations with a significant rise in tourism since the 1980’s tourism-related business make up 80% of its economy , it is renowned for it highly development of Arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting art, wood carving , leather, metal working, glass working and music . The indonesia and international film festival is held every year in Bali, other international conference events held in Bali included miss word, annual meeting of other international confrence , usualy confrence with holiday in Bali

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in mart 2017 Tripadvisor named Bali as the world’s best trip destination in traveller’s choice a world

Bali is part of the coral triangle, the area with the highly biodiversity of marine species especially fish and turtle in the area alone over 500 reef – building coral species can be found, for comparison the about seven times as many as in the entire caribbean

Bali is the home of the Subak irrigation system (a UNESCO World Heritage) it is also home to unified confederation of Kingdoms compase of 10 traditional royal balinesse house. each home rulling a specific geographic area , the confederation is the successor of Bali kingdom, the royal homes are not recognized by the goverment of indonesia,however they originated before dutch colonisation